Transparent and reliable information about carbon credit origin, authenticity, ownership and life-cycle activities.


Real time trading, Liquidity as a Service, and Tools for a Sustainable Future


Local Retirement Programs for Scope 3 Value Chain Emissions

Discover a new era of transparency and accountability in the world of carbon offsets

CarbonX Registry is your gateway for traceable and verifiable carbon offsets, ensuring that every credit is backed by rigorous standards and documentation.

Provenance Smart Contracts automate processes, eliminate intermediaries, and provide an auditable trail, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the carbon offsets.





How it works ___

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is unregulated and was formed with the aim of driving finance to activities that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and deliver independently verified and additional emissions reductions on a global scale.

Types of VCM projects

Forestry & Conservation Image
Forestry & Conservation

Reforestation and conservation offsetting schemes generates carbon credits based on either the carbon captured by new trees or the carbon not released through protecting old trees.

Renewable Energy Image
Renewable Energy

Renewable energy projects generate these carbon credits by replacing fossil fuel-based energy sources with clean and renewable alternatives such as solar, wind, or hydro power.

Agricultural Projects Image
Agricultural Projects

Agricultural projects generate carbon credits by implementing sustainable farming practices that reduce emissions and enhance carbon sequestration in soils. These projects often involve techniques such as regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, or methane capture from livestock.

1.9 million

Carbon Provenance Units Issued

28 countries

Total of host countries listed

980 million

Total liquidity locked in CarbonX

64 Programs

Active Retirement Programs

368 mtCO2e

Total offsets by Retirement Programs


How it works ___

As a trusted provider, we offer Liquidity as a Service, acting as a bridge between carbon credit issuers and value chain Scope 3 compensations.

Our registry facilitates the seamless exchange of carbon credits, ensuring liquidity for both buyers and sellers. We provide a reliable and transparent marketplace that connects market participants, fostering increased liquidity and efficiency in the voluntary carbon market.

  • Validate icon Projects are validated and approved
    for carbon credits issuance
  • Carbon credits icon Carbon credits are issued and
    allocated for retirement programs
  • Liquidity icon Liquidity is provided towards the
    issued carbon credits
  • Lock icon Companies are buying the carbon
    credits for retirement purpose
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How it works ___

Retirement Programs Graphic

Drive financial gains while making a positive impact on the environment and society.



Participation in the retirement programs provides companies with access to the local voluntary carbon market.



Companies involved in the retirement programs gain a competitive edge by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.


Long-Term Cost Certainty

By proactively addressing Scope 3 emissions through the retirement programs, companies can mitigate the potential risks associated with future carbon pricing or regulatory measures.


Reputation and Stakeholder Value

Engaging in sustainable practices through the retirement programs enhances a company's reputation and brand value.

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The listed projects within the CarbonX Registry are carefully curated for participation in Retirement Programs.

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Carbon Sink Suceava

  • Total Supply of CPU’s: 51,100,560.00
  • Retirement Price: $45
  • Crediting Period: 30 years
Progect Flag Icon

Carbon Sink Covasna

  • Total Supply of CPU’s: 20,405,880.00
  • Retirement Price: $45
  • Crediting Period: 30 years
Progect Flag Icon

Carbon Sink Harghita

  • Total Supply of CPU’s: 31,153,320.00
  • Retirement Price: $45
  • Crediting Period: 30 years
Progect Flag Icon

Carbon Sink Maramureș

  • Total Supply of CPU’s: 30,509,880.00
  • Retirement Price: $45
  • Crediting Period: 30 years
Progect Flag Icon

Carbon Sink Bacău

  • Total Supply of CPU’s: 24,287,880.00
  • Retirement Price: $45
  • Crediting Period: 30 years


How it works ___

At CarbonX, we believe in the global impact of carbon credits and their ability to drive positive change worldwide. CarbonX Registry is committed to issuing credits in all 196 countries that have signed the Paris Agreement.

We work closely with each host country to establish tailored retirement programs that support local sustainability efforts and address unique environmental challenges.

Map of countries

Global Coverage

We recognize that each host country has its own specific environmental priorities and goals. To ensure effective carbon offsetting, we collaborate with local stakeholders and government bodies to develop customized retirement programs. These programs are designed to align with the host country's sustainability objectives and support local initiatives.

Local impact

By running retirement programs in each host country, we aim to create a direct and meaningful impact on the local environment and communities. Through the purchase of carbon credits from these programs, businesses and individuals can contribute to local projects that promote renewable energy, conservation, reforestation, community development, and other sustainable practices.

Compliance with Paris Agreement

Our commitment to issuing credits in all signatory countries reflects our adherence to the goals and principles of the Paris Agreement. We align our practices with the agreement's objective of limiting global warming and facilitating sustainable development worldwide.