CarbonX Provenance Standard (CPS)

CarbonX Provenance Standard V1.0 Last modified: January 08, 2023


The CarbonX Registry Guide is labeled with a version number, and program documents are accordingly version controlled. The current version, CarbonX Program Version 1.0, was released on 01 January 2023 and is now in effect, except where grace periods are outlined for specific requirements.

CarbonX Program Version 1.0 is comprised of all program documents labeled V1.x, where x is a running number starting at zero. While individual program documents may be updated from time to time to reflect new developments, their version numbers will be incremented using the V1.x format. These updated documents will still be part of Version 1.0, and the CarbonX Program edition should be referred to as CarbonX Program edition V1.0, regardless of the version numbers of individual program documents. Updates will be cataloged on the CarbonX website and communicated to CarbonX Program stakeholders.

Errata and clarification documents may also be issued periodically to correct errors in text, equations, or figures in CarbonX Program documents or methodologies, or to provide additional guidance on program rules or methodological requirements. These documents will be posted to the CarbonX website and must be applied and interpreted by project proponents and validation/verification bodies. They will be incorporated into the next issued version of the relevant program document or methodology, at which time the errata and clarifications will be moved to an archive page on the CarbonX website.

New versions of the CarbonX Program will be issued periodically when major edition updates are required, and will include public consultation. Previous versions of the CarbonX Program are available on the CarbonX website, and should be referred to for the rules and requirements under those versions.

Note that projects, programs, and CarbonX Provenance Units (CPUs) are not labeled with a specific version of the CarbonX Program in the CarbonX Registry. The CarbonX Program documentation is merely labeled with a version to provide version control over the program documents. When external documents are referenced, the most recent version of the document shall be used.

Guide Language

The official language used in the CarbonX Program is English. While the program documents can be translated into other languages for local convenience, in the event of any discrepancies or inconsistencies, the English version of the CarbonX Program documents and their interpretation shall supersede any other language translations.

Guide Definitions

The CarbonX Program adheres to industry standards in defining its terms and language to ensure clarity and consistency throughout its documentation. To achieve this, the program utilizes the definitions established in the Program Definitions document. These established definitions have been developed and refined through a rigorous industry-standardization process and are recognized and accepted by experts in the field.

To maintain consistency, CarbonX Program documents use defined terms without capitalizing the first letter, in accordance with the ISO convention. This approach ensures that terms are clearly identified and easily recognized by stakeholders, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or confusion.

By adopting established definitions and language standards, the CarbonX Program can ensure that its documentation is easily understood and accurately interpreted by stakeholders, including project developers, validators, and auditors. This helps to facilitate the smooth operation of the program, providing a strong foundation for the transparent and efficient trading of carbon offsets.